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It's 3 am

and I must be lonely

And I cry...

You're not there

and will never be - again

Now I scream

But you dont hear me


I'm so lonely

I can't help myself

wash away my bleeding

22.2.07 18:02



I can tell you - i'm young and i'm proud - things haven't been like this before - took so long to get strong enough - but look at me - i won't hide any longer - you weren't the one to love forever

tell me - where is the moon - shining down on my tears - it's 3 am - i must be lonely - i think of you - you're cruel - you're a fool - i loved you

Now i see the devils around me - i survived a faked love - i survived your suicide trys -we will never ever be together - again - i broke down - but i'm free now - what is this emptyness around me - is it you confusing me - leave 

22.2.07 17:36

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